Last time we explained how to replace your KMC login page. The complimentary step to that is to make sure that when your user logout of the KMC (or automatically redirected to the login page) he will land in your login page, and not on the default one. In order to do so you need Read More

We were requested by one of our customers to create an HTML5 login page to kmc (for total re-branding) instead of the flash one. So, how do you do that? The KMC is looking for 3 cookies: kmcks – a kaltura admin session pid – the partner id for which we try to login subpid Read More

Welcome to the new White-n-Blue Blog! In this blog we will cover interesting stuff we run into during our daily work. This would be probably Kaltura oriented, but might also relate other technologies (as we love to research) Read More